Olympic IT Services

The premier provider of tailored IT solutions for healthcare and
professional services on the Kitsap peninsula since 1997.

Olympic IT Services has been a trusted IT company for over 20 years, focusing on long term client relationships and outstanding personalized service. We prioritize exceptional support and have skilled technicians to meet your IT needs. 


We can manage your technology environment from beginning to end; hardware , software, connectivity, network security and compliance, patching and updates, cloud services, VoIP, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Our team takes a proactive approach to keeping your business technology in excellent working order, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Managed IT
For Healthcare &
Professional Services

Who We Serve


Streamline your workflow and empower patient care. Olympic IT brings experience with specialized equipment integration while ensuring HIPAA and PCI compliance.


We can enhance your practice's tech capabilities, offering comprehensive solutions for hardware, software, security, and compliance. Olympic IT’s experienced technicians are available to provide prompt assistance and support, ensuring that your practice runs smoothly and efficiently.


We provide tailored IT solutions for your chiropractic office, ensuring seamless integration with the latest innovations.


Letting Olympic IT provide technical assistance and a secure network infrastructure for your veterinary practice needs means a lot to us because we love animals too! We handle hardware and software procurement, installations, and upgrades efficiently, with on-site technical support being our priority.

Professional Services

Olympic IT can provide tech-powered solutions designed to elevate your legal or financial business, offering innovative solutions and expert guidance.

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