Computer and Network Repair

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    Service Center Drop-Off

    We offer quality repairs for computers and networking equipment. We can arrange for a technician to pick up your faulty equipment or if you prefer you schedule a time to drop off your machine.


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    On-Site Service

    Olympic IT's service technicians can come to you for convenient on-site repair or to diagnose and fix your networking problems in your home or business. To schedule an appointment please call (360) 415-7070.


  • Remote Support

    Our service staff can remotely connect to your PC to diagnose and repair many problems. Please call (360) 415-7070 to see if your problem can be solved remotely. Click here to connect to a support tech.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • towerWhat do I need to bring with my PC?

    When you bring a desktop PC to our office, we only need the main system itself. Unplug all of the cables and leave them at home so you don't misplace them. If you are bringing a laptop, please remember to also bring your AC Adapter. If you are experiencing problems with a software program, it is often helpful to have the original installation CD/DVD.

  • money

    How much will it cost?

    Each computer and it's relevant issues are unique rendering costs difficult to determine. An initial evaluation to identify the problem and determine the proper repair will be performed. A technician will contact you with an estimate of the cost for repair. As the client, you always have the choice to decline. Repair evaluations may incur cost an estimate fee of one half labor hour. Please call us for current rates.

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    How long will it take?

    The majority of repair work at the service center is completed within 24-48 hours. However, due to parts availability, actual repair time may vary. Services on critical systems and servers are always a priority. Contact our office for more information.